Donna Zanger

Founder / Owner

dbooks bookkeeping services

Dbooks is based on accuracy, performance, commitment, and trust,” says Donna Zanger, who founded dbooks in 2006. “Our goal is to take care of your books so that you can take care of your business.” Dbooks delivers the best personalized service in the industry. Our team is committed to meeting your needs while we look for efficiencies in your workflows and your cashflows. When we work with you, we are part of your team. We are positive about your business and work closely with the rest of your team, from your financial advisor to accountant. We are careful with your money and our own. Call us, our rates are surprisingly affordable.

about Donna

The dbooks company concept started in 2005 when I thought my plans were to be a solo provider. Within a matter of just a few months though, I was bookkeeping full-time; and yet still receiving a constant stream of referrals. I decided to form a team in order to continue to assist those interested in my standards of service. And now, after over 10 years, we have over 20 bookkeepers on staff, and we serve a client base of over 200 individuals and businesses. Prior to 2005, my first career was with EDS (Electronic Data Systems), where I worked for Ross Perot as a systems engineer, instructor, leader, strategic planner, and Y2K project manager. I left EDS in 1999 to become a foster parent, eventually adopting my three children, through foster care. I am also a QuickBooks instructor at Baruch College. In my spare time, I enjoy writing music, playing golf, camping, and hanging out with my kids.